April 25, 2020

Trash Day

May2020summer insert.

Brooks Township annual trash day has been moved to August 8, 2020

WHAT: Brooks Township Clean-up Day
WHEN: Saturday, August 8, from 8am – 2pm (or until dumpsters are full)
WHERE: Brooks Township Hall parking lot (490 Quarterline Rd.)
COST: No charge for Brooks Township Property Owners
What we will accept:                                                             What we will not accept:
All old appliances                                                                   No car bodies or frames
Furniture                                                                                  No yard waste or brush
Roofing Materials                                                                   No gas tanks
Auto parts & engines(with oil removed)                            No propane tanks
Lawn mowers                                                                          No sealed containers
Lawn chairs                                                                             No paint
Electronics                                                                               No hazardous materials
Sheet metal                                                                              No batteries
Old bicycles                                                                             No concrete
Bed springs & mattresses                                                     No compost
Fencing or wood                                                                    No household garbage
Plastic & vinyl siding                                                            No medical waste
Tires $5.00 each (the Township has the right to limit amount of tires per resident)

We will have dumpsters available to recycle scrap metal. To make unloading easier, put scrap metal at the bottom of your pile. Clean-up Day is intended for household refuse only. No business waste. The Township has the right to reject any materials deemed unacceptable. ELECTRONICS RECYCLING WILL BE AVAILABLE! PROOF OF PROPERTY OWNERSHIP IN BROOKS TOWNSHIP IS REQUIRED (proof of property examples might include newsletter, tax bill, drivers license) ALL LOOSE TRASH MUST BE BAGGED OR BOXED!!! Please be prepared to unload your own items, if help is unavailable!