(Please contact the Zoning Office at 231.652.6763 for details)

  • Construction of buildings over 200 sq. ft. in size (Residential/Commercial). Over 400 sq. ft. in Agricultural.
  • Placing a structure over 64 sq. ft., or over three feet in height within the front or side setback areas of a parcel.
  • Constructing building additions, decks, porches, gazebos. Moving, demolishing, or altering existing buildings.
  • Splitting land or moving parcel boundaries, constructing private roads, or removing topsoil from a site.
  • Clearing land in excess of one acre, or within 30 feet of a roadway, or within 500 feet of a public waterbody.
  • Operating a Private Kennel (up to 10 animals). Commercial Kennels (up to 40 animals) require a county permit.
  • Temporary camping for more than one tent or RV, or for more than four nights per 30 days.
  • Commercial communications towers, satellite dishes, or antennas over 35 feet high. Over 75 feet for personal use.
  • Temporary Uses: Manufactured homes, mobile offices, Christmas tree lots, fireworks sales and special events.
  • Installation of Wind Energy Systems (WES), wind farms and WES testing facilities.
  • Installation of certain signs and billboards. Installation of Outdoor Heating Units (Wood Stoves).
  • Special Land Uses that are not otherwise permitted in a particular Zoning District.